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Last Updated 12 June 2021

Area Activities

Charlie’s Jungle House Recommendations

Matapalo is surrounded by many sites of interest.

To the north is Manuel Antonio National Park. Here, international tourists flock for glimpses of rare monkeys and tranquil beaches. Its well-mapped trails lead to spectacular views not easily forgotten. The adjacent town of Quepos boasts international restaurants, hotels and an array of outdoor activities. Plan an entire day for this unforgettable area.

Twenty minutes south is Dominical, a famous world class surfing spot. Not to be missed is Punta Dominical. A restaurant perched on a cliff, it is a breathtaking dining experience overlooking the coast. There is also great dancing at the Roca Verde and, just south of Punta Dominical, is the renowned Bahia Whale Marine Park.

There are also numerous activities in Matapalo. They include mountain biking, swimming, hiking, horseback riding, bird watching, beach golf, fishing, plunging waterfalls and soccer with the locals!

The beach at Matapalo is one of the most beautiful anywhere. Running 40 kilometers long, it is blissfully undeveloped. The ocean is an amazing 75 degrees F (20 degrees C). On clear evenings, luminous stars overwhelm while tropical rainstorm nights bring spectacular lightening shows.

One of our most popular activities is our half day trip up to our local waterfalls.

In it’s pristine, majestic setting, peaceful waters flow over awesome size boulders, making it the perfect place for quiet reflection or rambunctious swimming behavior! It is a destination which will never be forgotten, nor the adventurous journey getting there!

Jungle House strongly urges it’s clients to take full advantage of the proximity of the world famous Manuel Antonio National Park and it’s featured natural interests.

These include the Butterfly Farm, Sunset Sailing, and the personalized tours to Manuel Antonio, amongst others.

Jungle House makes all arrangements for whitewater rafting at Rafiki Safari, our local partners who specialize their craft along the Savegre River, 25 minutes from Matapalo. Day trips, or overnight stay excursions are available to this wildlife paradise located in the jungle forests way behind Matapalo.

They also offer a true adventure tour through down the Savegre River to the estuaries located next to the Pacific Ocean.

Let our local and international guides whisk you away by horseback to the mountains, waterfalls, or a quiet sunset ride along the beach, horses at all skill levels available.


It is our desire to make your experience at Hacienda Barú both entertaining and educational; to deepen your appreciation for the wonders of the tropical rainforest. Hacienda Barú´s guides are sharp-eyed and well trained. The majority come from local communities and have been familiar with the flora and fauna since childhood. On all our tours the guides carry a spotting scope to help you see wildlife close up.

Our tours fall into 3 different categories Canopy Exploration Tours, Hiking Tours and Night Tours. Giving you the chance to explore the rainforest from many different aspects

Canopy Exploration Tours:
Flight of the Toucan Duration: 2 – 3 hours

Our Rainforest Zipline Tour, imitates the flight of the chestnut-mandibled toucan, as it leaps off a branch, swoops down through the forest and then up in to another tree. On this tour, 8 separate cable rides take you from one ridge top to another, across valleys and streams. There are 14 land based platforms and 1 tree platform with views of the coast. You will have 2 guides on this tour one of whom speaks fluent English. This is a great way to see and learn about the forest and have lots of fun at the same time.

Tree Climbing Duration: 2 – 3 hours

In the Tree Climb you will scale up a rope that is fixed in the largest upper branches of a rainforest tree. This is done with specialized equipment; harnesses and ascenders. You will climb to a height of 25 meters (80 feet) where you can sit out on the branches of this beautiful Ceiba tree and take in the ocean view over the forest canopy. One fully-trained, English speaking naturalist guide will instruct and be with you at all times, while another guide waits on the ground. To do this tour you do need a certain level of fitness but you do not need to be strong. This is truly the best way to explore the rainforest canopy.

Canopy Observation Platform Duration: 2 – 3 hours

The Canopy Observation Platform is located within the top branches of a beautiful camarón tree 34 meters (109 feet) above the ground. You don’t have to do any work on this tour as we will hoist you up to the platform with an electric winch, using a special harness and ropes. A fully trained English speaking guide will be with you on the platform. Most guests stay in the canopy for 30 minutes to 1 hour. This tour is about experiencing the tranquil world of the tree tops, taking in the views and the flora and fauna that you might be lucky to see there.

Join our local gang of fishermen for an unforgettable day of fun and adventure as you explore the local estuaries in search of that big red snapper, or experience the thrill of a day at sea sport fishing with the pros.

Let one of our skilled surfing instructors help you realize that it’s never too late to accomplish your dream of riding on ‘top of the world’

Jungle House also offers intense courses designed to enrich your spanish language ability, regardless of your current level. Taught by the local Matapalo community members, you’ll be assured an unforgettably fun experience and a new friend!

Had a tough day hiking? Maybe the horseback WAS more than you thought you could handle….

Relax and enjoy as an expert masseuse literally rubs you back to life on our massage table next to the ocean. Though they are not “certified” massage therapists, it all the same feels great, and with hundreds of hours of practice, they get MY certificate of approval!

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